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Here's the thing;
« on: August 01, 2016, 06:34:38 PM »
Here's the thing; I never, ever criticize or aim to degrade a persons own beliefs. It is indeed, very personal. I may not subscribe to it myself, but I celebrate a persons right to worship how they choose. If spinning in a circle, collapsing in the grass and staring at the sky until you see God suits you, I'm all for it. Spin on! However, allow the possibility that not everyone worships the same or even worships at all. Be tolerant of others, be it other faiths or none at all. A Christians relationship with God is not anything I would impede upon, therefore do not enforce a relationship on those who seek none. Believe without judgement on others as it's not the believers place to pass judgement. I would never expect my views to be pressed upon others and in turn expect the same fairness. In a politically charged environment this seems to be a heated topic yet we must remember freedom is granted in our country to worship how we choose, or rather not. Pray on, but don't prey on others.
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